Yavuz Sariyildiza .jpg
Born in Ankara, Turkey
Lives & works in Istanbul, Turkey

Photographer Yavuz Sariyildiz, born in 1962, likes to use human traces in his photographs. Through the years he photographed rural life in Turkey. He has a large and varied portfolio in terms of geographical regions.

Between 2004-2013, He has concentrated on documentary works and projects such as:

- Faces from a shift in a coal mine (Miners Story)
- Livestock Markets in Turkey 
- Traditional Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling
- Flamenco Istanbul
- Tea Fields and workers in the Black Sea Region ( book from Yapi Kredi)

His first solo exhibition called '' Faces from a shift in a coal mine '' was held in 2011.

After having the grand prize in France with one of his projects called ''Traditional Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling'' (Una Traditions 651 Ans), his diaporama (photo-show)  has been taken into  FIAP collection as a heritage for the future, and he became the first Turkish photographer who was included in the FIAP collection.

Since 2013 his main interest is 'travel and lifestyle photography'.
His travel works are being published in reputable books and magazines throughout the world.

Yavuz Sariyildiz also organizes photography tours for professional and amateurs, as well as photo guides and workshops for amateurs. 


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